Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico: Tips for Travelers in 2024

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Wondering, What’s the best time to visit Tulum?

You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place because finding the perfect season for a Tulum getaway is key to enjoying this incredible destination — and we’re about to do just that.

I’ve been living in Mexico since 2018, and have visited Tulum MANY times. Each visit has taught me a lot about the best time to travel to Tulum Mexico. In this article, we’ll explore what each part of the year offers, ensuring your Tulum trip is nothing short of perfect.

Tulum is a unique place, changing with each season. Whether you want to soak up the sun without the Tulum rainy season spoiling your plans, or prefer to visit when it’s less crowded in the Tulum slow season, timing is crucial.

While there’s a lot to know, don’t worry because I’m here to help! From understanding the best time to visit Tulum for ideal weather to figuring out the worst time to visit Tulum, by the end of this article, you’ll understand the Tulum travel seasons better than a local.

The Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Tulum High Season: December to April

woman swimming at Xcaret Waterpark in Yucatan Mexico
Snorkeling is one of the top activities in Tulum as there’s an abundance of beaches and cenotes.

The high season in Tulum is typically from late-November or December to late-March or early-April. This is seen as the best time of year to go to Tulum because there’s great weather (though it’s also the Tulum busy season because everyone wants to come).

During these months, the beautiful weather is predominantly sunny and dry, with temperatures ranging from 75°-82°F (24°-28°C), making it the best time to visit Tulum for weather. 

This period avoids the Tulum Hurricane Season, providing an ideal climate for beach activities and outdoor exploration, which is just one more reason so many consider these the best months to visit Tulum Mexico.

✅ PROS of Visiting Tulum in High Season

  • Enjoying the perfect balance of warm weather without the extreme heat or humidity typical of other months.
  • The town buzzes with activity, offering various options for entertainment and socializing, from bustling beach clubs to vibrant nightlife.

❌ CONS of Visiting Tulum in High Season

  • Increased costs are a significant factor, as demand peaks for everything from accommodations in Tulum, as well as services (like taxis), rental cars and Tulum tours.
  • Tulum becomes more crowded, which might detract from the experience for anyone seeking solitude or a more authentic local feel.

🥳 Key Events and Festivals in Tulum High Season

  • New Year Celebrations: A high point in Tulum’s social calendar, the New Year is welcomed with beach parties and various events.
  • Carnaval: Typically held in February or early March, Carnaval’s exact dates vary each year. This festival brings parades, live music, and street parties to Tulum, contributing to the lively atmosphere.

💡 4 Tips for Enjoying Tulum During High Season

woman on one of the best tulum ruins tours
The Tulum Ruins, located right on Tulum Beach, are one of the must see Tulum sites.

1. Plan and Book Early: Tulum resorts and hotels (especially the cheap hotels in Tulum) and popular activities can fill up quickly, so it’s wise to book well in advance.

2. Morning Visits: Popular attractions like the Tulum Mayan Ruins are best visited early in the morning to avoid the heat and crowds.

3. Dine During Off-Peak Hours: To avoid waiting for a table, consider dining between 3-5pm or after 9pm (especially at popular places like Arca Tulum).

4. Budgeting for the High Season: Expect to spend about 20-30% more than during the low season, especially on your Tulum hotel, activities and popular tours.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Tulum Low Season: May to October

woman swimming with whale shark tulum
The best season to see whale sharks up close is the low season.

The low season in Tulum, from May to October, can be an interesting alternative to visiting Tulum in the high season. 

This time is characterized by hotter weather, with temperatures often reaching up to the 🥵 high 80s°F (30s°C), accompanied by higher humidity and frequent, albeit usually brief, rain showers.

It’s important to note that this period also includes the chance of sargassum seaweed affecting the beaches, particularly from June to August. Also the Atlantic Hurricane Season (Tulum hurricane season) goes from June 1 to November 30 each year.

🐢 This season is also a time for unique natural events

swimming with turtles in akumal mexico

Whale shark season spans from mid-May to mid-September, with sightings peaking in July and August. This period offers an incredible opportunity to swim alongside these majestic creatures in the waters near the Yucatan Peninsula​​. 

Additionally, the sea turtle nesting season occurs between June and November

During this time, various turtle species, such as Green Turtle, Loggerhead, and Hawksbill, lay their eggs on the beaches. The eggs hatch after about 45-60 days, and the sight of hatchlings making their way to the sea is a remarkable experience. 

✅ PROS of Visiting Tulum in Low Season

  • The season is marked by lower prices and fewer tourists, making it a budget-friendly time to visit.
  • Less crowded tourist spots provide a more relaxed and intimate experience of Tulum’s natural wonders and cultural attractions.

❌ CONS of Visiting Tulum in Low Season

men cleaning the tulum seaweed in mexico
The seaweed can accumulate in large, unsightly mats, making the beaches less attractive to tourists.
  • The heat and humidity can be challenging, especially for outdoor activities.
  • Rain showers, though usually brief, can be frequent and intense.
  • These Tulum seaweed months can impact beach activities.

💡 5 Tips for Enjoying Tulum During Low Season

tulum sargasum facebook page
You’ll need to join the group to see the Tulum seaweed updates. (Photo: Sargassum Seaweed Updates)

1. Stay Hydrated and Seek Shade: Plan your activities to avoid the hottest parts of the day, and ensure you stay hydrated.

2. Flexible Itinerary: Be prepared for sudden rain showers, and have backup plans for indoor or covered activities. Here’s a list of the 50 Best Things to Do in Tulum, so you know what all your options are.

3. Check Seaweed Conditions: Stay informed about the seaweed situation on beaches, and be willing to adjust your Tulum beach plans accordingly.

4. Respect Wildlife: If you encounter nesting turtles or hatchlings, maintain a respectful distance and follow local guidelines to protect these species.

5. Look for Off-Season Deals: Explore the deals available at all the best Tulum resorts and activities that are typically not offered during the busier high season.

Visiting Tulum during the low season offers unique opportunities for wildlife encounters and a more laid-back experience. With the right preparation and flexibility, you can enjoy all the wonders Tulum has to offer, even during its hotter, rainier months. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Tulum Shoulder Season

cenote atik tulum
The fresh waters of Cenote Atik are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The shoulder season is that magical time in-between the busy and slow seasons. This is what you’ll usually find the best deals, still have nice weather, and the crowds aren’t too big.

In my opinion, shoulder season is the best time to travel to Tulum Mexico. When I’m traveling to Tulum, it’s usually during the shoulder season months.

Of course, you’re now likely wondering When is Tulum shoulder season? There are actually two, one in Fall and one in Spring.

  • 🍂 Tulum Fall Shoulder Season: Mid-October to mid- or late-November
  • 🍃 Tulum Spring Shoulder Season: Late-March or early-April to late-May

🏆 Why Shoulder Season in tulum is The perfect season for me

Personally, I prefer visiting in late-November or late-March — and here’s why:

In November, the weather cools down significantly, and you’re (just about) outside of Hurricane Season, which ends November 30th. The prices are still lower, but will increase significantly over the next few weeks in December (especially mid- to late-December).

In late-March, there are still some Spring Break Tulum crowds, but they’re most prominent earlier in the month. You’re still within the Tulum dry season, so you can expect sunny days and no rain clouds in the sky.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Tulum Travel: A Month-by-Month Breakdown

Understanding Tulum weather and identifying what are the best months to visit Tulum is key to planning your perfect trip.

Each month in Tulum brings its unique charm, whether it’s the vibrant high season or the more tranquil low season. Let’s break down what each month typically looks like in Tulum, considering factors like weather, events, and overall atmosphere, to find the best month to go to Tulum for you.

Traveling to Tulum in January

man on the swings of laguna kaan luum
Laguna Kaan Luum is one of the best places to visit in Tulum in January.

January in Tulum, labeled as high season, is when the town buzzes with activity. The weather in Tulum Mexico in January is pleasantly warm with average temperatures ranging between 62-82°F (17-28°C), offering lots of sunshine and clear skies. 

It’s a popular time for tourists escaping colder climates, so expect a lively atmosphere.

Key events in January include New Year’s Day, El Día de Los Reyes (Kings’ Day), and music festivals like Sound Tulum and Arena Festival Internacional, making it an exciting time for music lovers and party-goers. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in February 

dolphin spotting on one of the best sian kaan tours in tulum mexico
Going on a tour to Sian Ka’an is perfect for those who want to escape the crowd.

February continues the high season trend with clear, warm weather, making it an ideal time for beach activities and exploring. The average temperature hovers around 63-85°F (17-29°C). 

This month is perfect for experiencing Tulum’s vibrant culture and natural beauty, with Carnaval being a major highlight. The festival brings colorful parades and lively street parties, epitomizing the festive spirit of the region. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in March

crowds at chichen itza ruins
People flock to Chichen Itza for the Spring Equinox, one of the best of Tulum experiences.

Experiencing Tulum Mexico weather in March means enjoying warm temperatures averaging between 63-87°F (17-31°C).

This month marks the beginning of Spring Break, attracting a younger crowd to the region, though it’s not as intensely celebrated as in Cancun. 

During this month, you can experience the unique Alborada Maya festival and Spring Equinox celebrations at Chichen Itza.

March is the last month of the year to enjoy near-perfect weather in Tulum, with comfortable temperatures ideal for exploring ruins or jungle activities​.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in April

playa paraiso beach tulum slanted palm tree | best beaches in mexico
Don’t miss the instagrammable Tulum slanted palm tree on Playa Paraiso Beach.

April brings a slight increase in temperature, averaging between 66-90°F (19-32°C). This month sees the start of a decrease in tourist crowds, providing a more relaxed experience.

It’s a great time for families, with Children’s Day celebrated on April 30th, offering special discounts at some attractions. 👧 If you’re traveling to Tulum with kids, some cafes might offer them a free ice cream or cookie.

The weather remains favorable for beach days and outdoor explorations. However, April also means the start of the sargassum season which lasts until August — so if you’re wondering, Is April a good time to visit Tulum? My answer is kind of.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in May 

turtle in the ocean
During your snorkeling tours, you’ll have a high chance of spotting turtles.

May marks the start of the low season and is typically the hottest month, with temperatures ranging from 69-92°F (20-33°C). Fewer tourists mean less crowded places, and the ocean is warm, perfect for snorkeling and diving. 

This month also sees nesting sea turtles, adding a unique natural spectacle for visitors. Although April is the start of sargassum season, the peak of it also starts in May and ends around July. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in June 

weather in tulum chart june
Don’t miss the Tulum whale shark tours in June, where you might even see other marine life, like sea turtles and even dolphins.

June in Tulum, with average temperatures between 71-90°F (22-32°C), is known for offering the lowest hotel rates. It’s one of the rainiest months, yet the showers are usually short-lived. This month is the start of looking out for whale sharks.

🐳 Want to read about my personal experience on a Cancun whale shark tour? Head to Best Cancun Whale Shark Tour [Honest Review] for all the details.

June is also the start of the hurricane season in Tulum, which means there is a possibility of tropical storms, although hurricanes are not frequent.  

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in July 

tulum mayan ruins in mexico
Tulum Mayan Ruins is one of the best places to visit Tulum in July.

July experiences similar temperatures to June, around 70-90°F (21-32°C). This month is part of the low season, resulting in fewer tourists and a laid-back atmosphere. It’s a good time for beach activities and water sports. 

July also marks the start of the hatching period for baby sea turtles (which lasts until around November).

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in August 

cenote zaci valladolid mexico yucatan
Because of the hot Tulum temperature in August, people go to cenotes to refresh.

August in Tulum is the peak of summer, with temperatures ranging from 69-90°F (20-32°C). The month is known for its scorching heat, interspersed with short rain showers. It’s an excellent time to explore the cenotes, which offer a refreshing escape from the heat. 

August is also significant for marine life, marking the height of the 🐢 whale shark migration and sea turtles mating and nesting.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in September 

cenote calavera tulum
Don’t miss out on Cenote Calavera, a Tulum cenote that’s shaped like a skull.

Tulum weather in September sees average temperatures around 82°F (28°C) with a high humidity level of 79% and lots of rain. 

Despite the unpredictable weather, which often brings short rain showers, there are still plenty of warm and sunny intervals. This variability in Tulum weather September makes it important for visitors to be prepared for both sunshine and rain. 

September in Tulum means the fall season is starting, meaning tourist numbers are lower, offering a more quiet experience. 

September is also your last chance to see whale sharks. Other notable events include Mexican Independence Day which happens on the 15th and Autumn Equinox at Chichen Itza.  

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in October 

swimming with turtles in akumal mexico
If you’re traveling to Tulum in October, participate in the Sea Turtle Festival.

Experiencing Tulum Mexico weather October means embracing a mix of warmth and transition. Average temperatures range from 75°F (24°C) to 88°F (31°C), providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. 

It will very likely rain in Tulum in October, and you’ll also likely have heavy cloud cover. October is also still hurricane season as based on historical data, the highest likelihood of storms is from August to early-October.

In terms of events, October offers unique cultural experiences, including the three-day Sea Turtle Festival. This annual festival coincides with the end of the turtle nesting season.

Although Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) technically takes place November 1-2, you will also find celebrations in late-October, especially the last weekend in October.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in November 

marigold flowers on a day of the dead altar
Day of the Dead is one of the most important Mexican holidays that has been celebrated for thousands of years.

As Tulum transitions from the wet to the dry season, November offers a mix of sunny days and occasional rain showers. Weather in Tulum in November generally presents average temperatures ranging from a pleasant 73°F (23°C) to 86°F (30°C).

This month is the beginning of Tulum’s high season. Although the tourist crowds have begun to increase, they are not yet at their peak, offering a balance of lively atmosphere and manageable visitor numbers.

Culturally, November is a significant month in Tulum and the wider Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival takes place, attracting jazz enthusiasts and musicians for a celebration of day music and more.

Additionally, the early part of November is marked by the 💀🌺 Day of the Dead festivities

So if you are wondering, Is November a good time to visit Tulum? Yes, it definitely is. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling to Tulum in December 

colorful decorations for christmas in mexico
December is a festive month in Mexico, with beautiful and colorful decorations all around.

December in Tulum is characterized by its near-perfect weather conditions. In terms of seasonal context, December marks the beginning of the dry season in Tulum, which lasts through March.

During this month, you can expect average daily high temperatures to hover around 83°F (28°C), with nights slightly cooler at around 63°F (17°C). This balance between warm days and cooler evenings makes December ideal for a wide range of activities.

Tulum Mexico in December is a festive month in Tulum. The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12th.

Additionally, the holiday season brings an increase in tourism, especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve — 🎄 Christmas in Tulum is truly magical. 

During this time, the nightlife in Tulum is particularly lively, with many bars and nightclubs open late into the night.

Despite the increase in costs, the weather Tulum typically has this month mixed, with a festive atmosphere, makes December the best month to visit Tulum.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

What’s the best time to visit Tulum Mexico?

It depends — Determining what is the best time to travel to Tulum depends largely on your interests and preferences. Tulum’s tropical climate offers distinct experiences throughout the year, from sunny beach days to cultural festivities

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Sightseeing

woman at chichen itza ruins on one of the best TOURS
Chichen Itza Ruins is located about 2.5 hours from Tulum, which makes for a great day trip from Tulum.

For those keen on exploring the Mayan Ruins near Tulum (like Coba Ruins and Chichen Itza), and soaking up the natural beauty at the best Tulum cenotes — the best time to visit Tulum Ruins and other attractions is during high season, from December to April.

During these months, the weather is generally dry and warm, offering clear skies and comfortable temperatures for outdoor exploration. The water temperature in Tulum Mexico is still warm during the winter, so don’t worry about that.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Beach Lovers

playa xpu ha beach yucatan mexico
Tulum has a beautiful coastline overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

For beach lovers seeking the ideal time to bask in Tulum’s coastal beauty, the best months are generally from December to April.

During this period, the weather in Tulum is at its finest for beach activities, offering sunny days with minimal rain. The sea is inviting, with comfortable temperatures perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports, like taking a Tulum boat tour.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Nightlife and Social Scene

arca tulum bar in the back
There are many bars in Tulum for those who want to grab a drink or two.

For anyone interested in Tulum’s nightlife and social scene, the best time to visit is during the high season, from December to April.

These months coincide with the most vibrant and lively atmosphere in Tulum, with numerous beach parties, club events, festivals, and social gatherings. The nightlife is particularly active around the holidays, and leading into the spring months.

What’s the best Tulum party month?

For all the best festivals in Tulum and the surrounding areas like Riviera Maya and Cancun, opt for January. This is the month when the most popular music festivals take place, like Zamna Tulum and Day Zero Festival Tulum.

December is particularly popular, as there are some different festivals happening, like Dos Equis Winter Beach, and many of the major Mexican holidays, like Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe and Christmas, and of course, New Year’s Eve.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Whale Sharks

person swimming with the whale sharks in mexico
Swimming with whale sharks is an unforgettable experience I’ve done.

Want to swim with the whale sharks in Tulum — the largest fish in the sea? Then you’ll need to know what is the best time of year to visit Tulum to see whale sharks.

The Tulum whale shark season typically spans from mid-May to mid-September, with the best chances to see these magnificent creatures usually in July and August. Note: I went on my whale shark swim in June, and we saw about 10 whale sharks.

During the mid-May to mid-September months, whale sharks migrate to the warm Caribbean waters near Tulum, Cancun, Isla Holbox and Isla Mujeres. In order to see them, you have to book a tour because they congregate about 20 miles (32 km) off-shore.

Is there whale watching in Tulum?

No — You can’t do whale watching in Tulum, as whales don’t frequent the Caribbean Sea. Whale sharks, however, love the warm waters of the Caribbean in summer.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Sea Turtle Hatching

baby turtles crawling in a tulum beach
Witness a sea turtle hatching in Tulum, one of the best things to do in Tulum with kids.

The best time to visit Tulum Mexico to see sea turtle hatching occurs from June to November, with the peak hatching season typically being in August and September. 

During this time, various species of sea turtles, including the Green, Loggerhead, and Hawksbill, come to Tulum’s beaches to lay their eggs, which hatch about 45-60 days later.

Of course, you can always visit Akumal Mexico, about 30 minutes north of Tulum, where you can swim with the turtles year-round. Of all the things to do in Akumal (including snorkeling in Yal-Ku Lagoon), you don’t want to miss this Akumal turtle swim tour.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Best Time to Visit Tulum for Festivals and Cultural Events

If your journey to Tulum is driven by a love for vibrant festivals and cultural events, you’re in for a treat throughout the year.

🎊 Tulum Festivals

celebrating arena fest an lgbt+ music festival
Arena Fest Mexico is one of the largest LGBTQ+ music festivals in Mexico.

Music aficionados should visit between January and February to experience the electrifying atmosphere of Zamna Festival, renowned for its electronic and techno beats, and Arena Festival Cozumel, Mexico’s largest LGBTQ+ event known for its lively beach parties.

For electronic music lovers, May’s Sundream Tulum, associated with Rüfüs Du Sol, is a must-visit. If extended celebrations are more your style, the Horyzon Festival in October-November offers a multi-weekend affair with international artists.

Cultural enthusiasts will find the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Playa del Carmen in late-November is a haven for jazz lovers, while the Tulum Food, Spirits, and Wine Festival caters to foodie travelers. 

🥂 Tulum Nightlife

Papaya Playa Project party
If you’re looking to party, Papaya Playa Project is the perfect spot. (Photo: Expedia, Best time to go to Tulum party)

Nightlife seekers should not miss the regular parties and events at venues like Papaya Playa Project (home to the Tulum Full Moon Party), and Mezzanine Tulum Resort. Their events tend to come back strong in November, with a mix of international DJs and live performances.

Regardless of when you come, there are so many different festivals and cultural events. Tulum is not just a scenic retreat town, but a cultural hotspot that caters to a wide range of interests and preferences throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Why Timing is Crucial for Your Tulum Experience

Timing your visit to Tulum is crucial, as it can influence the type of experience you’ll have. Let’s do a deeper dive into what you can expect in the various travel seasons in Tulum Mexico.

Traveling in Peak Season

dolphin spotting on one of the best sian kaan tours in tulum mexico
Boat tours are popular activities during peak season.

The peak season is often highlighted as the best time to go to Tulum Mexico for anyone looking for ideal weather conditions. This period has comfortable temperatures, perfect for beach activities and exploring the iconic Mayan Ruins in Mexico

However, it’s also when Tulum becomes a hub for tourists, especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve — leading to higher prices and more crowded spots.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Traveling in Tulum Slow Season

people swimming and snorkeling in Yal Ku Lagoon Mexico
Snorkeling in cenotes and popular places like Yal-Ku Lagoon is one of the activities you can do during the slow season.

On the other hand, the Tulum slow season, from May to October, presents a different picture. Although this time is marked by hotter weather and a higher chance of rain, it offers the advantage of fewer crowds and more affordable travel options

This can be an attractive option for budget travelers or those seeking a more tranquil experience. However, it’s important to note that this period includes the Tulum rainy season, which might affect outdoor activities, like these Tulum ATV tours.

Understanding these seasonal dynamics is essential for your travel guide to Tulum. Whether you’re after sunny days on the beach or exploring ancient ruins without crowds, choosing the right time to visit can greatly enhance your experience in this tropical paradise.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Safety and Travel Tips for Tulum

When traveling to Tulum, prioritizing safety and adhering to practical travel tips can enhance your experience.

Firstly, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places, and keep your belongings secure. 

Getting Around Tulum

car rental tulum mexico locations
Renting a car in Tulum allows you to visit off the beaten path sites.

Opt for reputable transportation services and avoid isolated areas, particularly at night. It’s advisable to travel in groups when exploring nightlife, and if you have a far distance to travel, take a taxi over walking around Tulum at night (especially solo travelers).

🚘 To dive more into this topic: check out How to Get Around in Tulum: The Only Guide You Need.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

How Not to Get Sick in Tulum

farmacia similares
There are plenty of pharmacies in Tulum if you get sick, like the popular Farmacias Similares chain.

Tulum’s tropical climate calls for sun protection, so bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Hydration is key, so keep a water bottle handy, and be cautious with food and water to avoid common traveler’s illnesses, like dehydration and Montezuma’s Revenge. For more info, check out these 10 Tips for How to NOT Get Sick in Mexico.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Adhere to Safety Guidelines

If you’re participating in any water activities, always follow safety guidelines and respect local marine life, particularly in protected areas.

Always respect the local culture and environment. Tulum is known for its eco-friendly ethos, so make sure to support sustainable practices and local businesses.

Lastly, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance, and are familiar with local emergency contacts for a worry-free experience. I recommend and personally use SafetyWing Insurance, with plans that start at just $45 USD for a whole month of coverage.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

Is Tulum safe?

Yes — Tulum is generally considered safe for tourists, but like any popular travel destinations in Mexico (or the world), it requires common sense and basic safety precautions. 

Petty crimes like pickpocketing can occur, especially in crowded areas. It’s important to stay vigilant, secure your belongings, and avoid less populated areas at night. Overall, with sensible precautions, travelers can enjoy a secure and pleasant experience in Tulum.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico: FAQs

When is the best time to visit Tulum?

The ideal time to visit Tulum is during the Tulum shoulder season months — Mid-October to late-November and late-March to late-May.

weather in tulum chart
Tulum weather forecast. (Photo: Weather Atlas, Tulum best time to visit)

These months are post-Hurricane Season, and just before (or after) the peak tourist season kicks in (or ends). You’ll enjoy favorable weather conditions and fewer crowds, making it perfect for exploring and relaxing.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

When is Tulum less crowded?

Tulum experiences fewer crowds during the months of May to June, and late-September to October.

These periods are transitional times between the peak and off-peak seasons, offering a more tranquil experience. The weather remains pleasant, and the beaches and attractions are less congested.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

What is the cheapest month to go to Tulum?

The cheapest month to visit Tulum is typically during the low season, which falls between May to October. Specifically, September and October are often the most budget-friendly months. 

woman walking into ven a la luz Tulum sculpture of a wooden man
Ven a la Luz, the Tulum Statue by Daniel Popper is located on the beach in Tulum outside Ahau Hotel.

During this time, the tourist crowds diminish, leading to lower prices in resorts, tours and rental cars.

This period aligns with the latter part of the rainy season in Tulum, meaning there’s a higher likelihood of rain. Still, it also offers the advantage of fewer tourists and more affordable travel options. 

Keep in mind that this is also close to the end of the Hurricane Season in Mexico, so it’s wise to monitor weather forecasts. The season officially runs from June 1 to November 30 each year, and all Mexico beaches are susceptible to hurricanes.

Despite the potential for rain, these months can be an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a quieter Tulum experience.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

When are the best Tulum travel deals?

The best travel deals in Tulum are typically found during the off-peak season, from May to October.

tulum beach
Playa Santa Fe is one of the best Tulum beaches

During these months, hotels and flights to Tulum Airport often offer lower rates to attract tourists. Additionally, you might find special promotions and discounts, especially if you book in advance or opt for package deals.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

When is hurricane season in Tulum?

Hurricane season in Tulum runs from June 1 to November 30, with the highest likelihood of storms typically occurring between August and October.

It’s advisable to monitor weather forecasts and have flexible travel plans during this hurricane season Tulum period. Also, plans from the best travel insurance companies will have this built-in, so you’d be fully reimbursed for cancellations. 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

What is the rainy season in Tulum?

The rainy season in Tulum typically extends from June to October.

weather in tulum chart
Rain forecast in Tulum by month. (Photo: Weather Atlas, Best time to visit Tulum Mexico weather)

During these months, you can expect short but intense showers, often in the afternoon or evening. Although it’s the wet season, there are still many sunny periods, making it a viable time to visit.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

What is the best time to visit Tulum without seaweed?

The best time to visit Tulum is between November and May if you want to avoid seaweed in Tulum.

tulum seaweed clean up efforts
The sargassum in Tulum often goes away very fast, but it’s annoying when it’s around.

During these months, the beaches are generally clear of the seaweed (sargassum) that can wash up during other times of the year, particularly from June to October.

However, although seaweed can be a problem for most of the year, the best time to visit Tulum seaweed-free would be in the high season (December to April). 

Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

What’s the hottest month in Tulum?

The hottest month in Tulum is usually May, with temperatures often rising significantly.

This month experiences high humidity and temperatures that can soar into the high 80s and 90s° Fahrenheit (30°s Celsius), making it important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Final Thoughts: The Best Time to Visit Tulum Mexico

blue tulum letters sign, one of the best free things to do in tulum

North American and worldwide travelers rejoice! The best time of year to visit Tulum is a decision shaped by personal preferences in weather, activities, and crowd comfort. In short: It’s different for everyone.

For travelers looking for the iconic Tulum beach experience with ideal weather and social life, the high season is perfect.

On the other hand, the off-peak season should also be considered if you want to do some whale-watching to see the whale sharks, or experience turtle hatching (and even go swimming with the turtles Akumal 🐢). 

In my opinion, Tulum November offers an excellent compromise, combining pleasant weather and a less crowded environment. This period allows visitors to enjoy the outdoors and Tulum’s natural splendor, without the bustle of peak season.

So when is the best time to go to Tulum? Well, it’s when you say it is! For my money, it’s the Tulum shoulder season, and I like to visit in late-November or late-March. 

There’s no real answer, as it’s all about aligning your vacation goals with the seasonal offerings of Tulum. From the busy high season to the quieter months, Tulum’s diverse range of experiences makes it an appealing choice for travelers throughout the year.

If you want to do a deep dive into a specific month to visit Tulum, check out these guides:

Tulum Travel Planning Guide

1. Should I buy Mexico travel insurance?

100% YES! — With basic coverage averaging just $5-10 USD per day, enjoy peace of mind with a plan from Travel Insurance Master, one of the biggest names in travel insurance. (Read more)

2. Can you drink the water in Tulum?

No — You’ll want to buy this Water-To-Go Bottle, which filters your drinking water so you don’t get sick from drinking water in Mexico, and helps keep you hydrated while traveling Mexico. (Read more)

3. Is it safe to rent a car in Tulum?

Yes — Renting a car in Mexico is one of the best ways to see the country! I always rent with Discover Cars, which checks both international companies and local Mexican companies, so you get the best rates. (Read more)

4. Will my phone work in Tulum?

Maybe — It depends on your company, so check with your provider. If you don’t have free Mexico service, buy this Telcel SIM Card. As Mexico’s largest carrier, Telcel has the best coverage of any Mexico SIM Cards. (Read more)

5. What’s the best way to book my Tulum accommodations?

For Tulum hotels, is the best site, but for hostels, use Hostel World. If you’re considering a Mexico Airbnb, don’t forget to also check VRBO, which is often cheaper than Airbnb.

6. What do I pack for Tulum?

Head to the Ultimate Tulum Packing List to get all the info you need on packing for Mexico.

7. What’s the best site to buy Mexico flights?

For finding cheap Mexico flights, I recommend Skyscanner.

8. Do I need a visa for Mexico?

Likely Not — U.S., Canadian and most European Passport holders don’t need a visa for Mexico; but check here to see if you do a Mexico travel visa. The majority of travelers will receive a 180-Day FMM Tourist Visa or passport stamp upon arrival.