Tulum Outfits Inspo: What to Wear in Tulum Mexico in 2024

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Wondering what to wear in Tulum Mexico?

You’ve come to the right place because I’ve been living in Mexico since 2018, and I’ve also done countless trips to Tulum in the last few years.

When packing your Tulum outfits, keep these two things in mind: 1) Tulum is HOT all year, and 2) it’s not just beaches; there are a variety of things to do in Tulum.

If you need stylish outfit ideas for Tulum so you can both climb Mayan ruins and lounge at your resort, and enjoy both daytime and nighttime activities β€” I’m here to help!

Whether you’re going to Tulum for a romantic getaway, girl’s trip, or spring break, this article has all the Cancun outfits inspo you need to plan the perfect Mexico vacation wardrobe.

Besides the clothes, I’ll answer common questions about what to wear at a resort in Mexico, typical Tulum dress codes, and much more β€” so let’s dive in!

Tulum Airport Outfit Ideas

Believe it or not, your airport outfit counts in Tulum β€” so let’s start with what to wear when arriving at Tulum Airport (and it’s definitely NOT a sweat suit).

No matter when you visit, it’s going to be hot in Tulum (or really hot πŸ₯΅), so plan your first outfit carefully because you’ll be arriving to a humid climate.

From my experience living in Mexico since 2018 and using the Tulum Airport a few times, it doesn’t have AC in all areas, but you’ll still have to deplane, go through customs, collect your luggage, arrange your airport transfer, etc.

Trust me when I tell you that doing all these things in a sweat suit or winter clothes will be miserable because the Tulum heat can be unbearable.

Instead, opt for something made of a lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton or linen so you stay as cool as possible.

I recommend this comfortable two-piece set from Amazon for your flight so that you’ll feel cool and comfy upon arrival to the humid Tulum weather.

Now, if you prefer wearing warmer clothes on the plane, make sure you have an outfit in your carry on luggage so you can change into something light after landing.

Daytime Tulum Outfit Ideas

As one of the most popular beach towns in Mexico, I know you’re going to want to hit those beaches ASAP!

What to wear during the day in Tulum consists of mostly swimsuits, sun hats, cover-ups, and sunglasses β€” but here are some daytime Tulum outfit ideas to help you with a visual on beachwear:

What to Wear to the Beach in Tulum

Packing for Tulum is usually easier than many think because during your Tulum vacation, swimsuits and cover-ups are about 60% of what you’ll need.

To mix it up, bring a few versatile beach cover-ups that pair well with all your swimsuits, or a neutral colored cover-up that goes with everything, and you’ll fit in at all the best Tulum beach clubs.

I love this boho cover-up from Amazon that comes in a bunch of colors. If you get it black, white or beige, it will complement all your swimsuits perfectly.

Since bathing suits for Tulum don’t take up much room, bring a selection of your favorites (or get these space space packing cubes to conserve luggage space).

If you’re planning for water activities like kayaking, snorkeling and jet skiing, bring a one-piece swimsuit so you can move around freely without it falling off.

For those who prefer not to use sunscreen, opt for these long-sleeve bathing suits that have built-in protection to shield you from the sun’s rays.

Beyond what to wear, you’ll want a cute beach bag like this one to carry all your stuff, and this Sand-Free Turkish Towel so you can lay around without getting all sandy.

What to Wear to the Pool at Your Resort

You’ll get a general idea of bathing suits for Tulum from the list above, but don’t forget this cute sun hat, your sunglasses, and sandals you can easily slide on and off.

Also, a beach bag is great to carry all your stuff, but this waterproof fanny pack is both stylish and practical.

With it, you can store your phone, money, credit card, ID, room key, lipgloss and a few other things, and not worry about anything getting wet.

What to Wear at Tulum Resorts

Resort casual is the name of the game at the vast majority of hotels in Tulum, so think breathable and comfortable clothing to wear around the resort.

During the day, sundresses for women and shorts and a T-shirt for men will work. Do note that some resorts require shirts with sleeves while eating at indoor restaurants.

Both women and men can usually get away with any type of sandals anywhere on-resort, but note that most places require you to use footwear at all times when indoors at common areas.

Outfit Ideas for Tulum Excursions

Truth be told, I didn’t know this on my first visit β€” but Tulum is MUCH more than just beaches!

While traveling to Tulum, take advantage of the fantastic adventure excursions like a day trip to Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, exploring the cenotes near Tulum, and riding ATVs in the jungle.

For these excursions, it’s important to dress appropriately so let’s go over this more in depth below.

What to Wear to Mayan Ruins

woman on a chichen itza private tours in front of the El Casillo pyramid
Keeping it casual at Chichen Itza Ruins in what’s basically a yoga class outfit with a hat.

Besides the famous Tulum Ruins, there are numerous ruins near Tulum like Chichen Itza (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), and lesser-known places like Coba Ruins and Ek-Balam Ruins.

For these places, make sure to pack comfortable shoes like these Hokas, known as the most comfortable travel sneakers, and bring a bathing suit if your Tulum ruins tour includes swimming in the cenotes (jungle pools).

Shorts and a tank top will work for your clothing, or any athleisure outfit you feel comfortable in.

Keep in mind that Tulum tours to archaeological sites are typically full-day events that last 8-12 hours, so prioritize comfort and supportive footwear for walking.

Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, a good backpack, and a reusable water bottle. I love this Water-To-Go bottle because it has a built-in water filter.

What to Wear to Swim in Cenotes

man swinging using ine rope in cenote oxman

If you’ve never heard of them, cenotes (pronounced sen-no-tays, or sen-no-tay in singular) are natural jungle pools.

There are about 6,000 cenotes in Mexico, many located right in Tulum. Others are within about one hour of Tulum, like the famous Cenote Ik-Kil and Instagrammable Cenote Suytun.

For these, you’ll want to bring a bathing suit and cover-up (of course), as well as a few things you might not be thinking of, like these five Tulum packing list essentials:

🩱 Long Sleeve Bathing Suit (AKA Rash Guard)

Lotion, creams and sunscreen of any type (even eco-sunscreen) are forbidden in the cenotes because the oils harm the entire cenote ecosystem.

To circumvent this, women can get one of these long sleeve swim suits, and men can opt for one of these rash guard swim shirts.

🩴 Water Shoes

Some cenotes require walking down stairs to get into, and in general, the areas around the cenotes are often quite slippery.

These good quality water shoes with solid grips will help prevent falls β€” and trust me, I have seen A LOT of people fall at the cenotes.

πŸ“² Waterproof Phone Holder

Some of the most Instagram worthy Tulum sites, you’ll definitely want to take a photo or two (or 22!) at the cenotes.

This waterproof phone pouch will come in handy as you snap photos and get video above and under the water β€” or, consider the GoPro Camera.

🀿 Mask & Snorkel

As natural pools, many of the cenotes have a whole world under the water to explore.

Some cenotes offer mask and snorkel rentals, but for sanitary reasons, and because the rentals are never good quality, I recommend this mask and snorkel set.

πŸ’Ό Dry Bag

Make sure you pack a change of clothes for when you get out of the water, and bring this dry bag to pack up your wet clothes in a place where they won’t drip.

Nighttime Tulum Outfit Ideas

Evenings in Tulum are the perfect time for dressing up since you’re on vacation β€” and I personally love wearing these floral maxi dresses, or these linen pants with a stylish top.

Resort casual wear is ideal for the evenings, but here are some ideas for what to wear at night in Tulum depending on where you’re headed:

What to Wear to Dinner in Tulum

Depending on your Tulum resort, there might be a fancier evening dress code β€” but typically, a maxi sundress, or stylish pants and a top are perfect for dinner.

On vacation in Mexico, embrace bright colors to go with the country’s vibe, like this vibrant maxi dress with pockets. (#TeamPockets forever 😍)

Accessorize with this popular wooden purse, wedges with embellishments, sandals with rhinestones, or even high heels if you’re feeling fancy.

The dress code is generally relaxed with resort casual being the name of the game, and so as long as you’re not in a bathing suit, you should be appropriately dressed for dinner in Tulum at most places.

One exception is fine dining and finer dining at places like Arca Tulum, which will require you to dress a bit more formally.

What to Wear to Go Clubbing in Tulum

Just like the resorts, the Tulum clubs dress code differs depending on where you’re going β€” but still, you shouldn’t need to get too fancy, no matter the place.

Some nightclubs in Tulum do have a dress code, but bars in the Downtown Tulum (AKA Tulum Town or Tulum Pueblo) tend to be more casual so you can get away with shorts and sandals.

A little black dress, sandals and this anti-theft crossbody bag will work for women at clubs, while men should opt for pants (jeans aren’t always OK), this guayabera shirt, and close-toed shoes.

Tulum Packing Checklist: What to Pack for Tulum

πŸ‘™ Bathing Suits: You’ll probably want to switch up your beach outfits vibe each day, pack a few of your favorite one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, or these long sleeve swimsuits to help prevent sunburns.

🎽 Cover-ups: Bring a few to cover-ups so you can match your bathing suit of the day, or opt for this cover-up in a neutral color that goes with anything.

πŸ‘š T-shirts:Β Cotton T-shirts, tank tops and workout style shirts always come in handy, so pack a few. (Tulum Pro Tip: Bring shirts that don’t show sweat!)

🩳 Shorts: Comfy shorts are a great item to pack for walking around your resort, any of these best Tulum tours and excursions, or even a casual meal.

πŸ‘— Sundresses: Maxi dresses and sundresses are the easiest item to pack for Tulum that go from day to evening, and can even function as a beach cover-up.

πŸ₯΅ Linen Clothing: Linen is a great material because it’s moisture-wicking (meaning it quickly moves sweat to the fabric’s outer surface), and keeps you cool.

πŸ§₯ Cardigan Sweater or Light Jacket: For those who are always cold, you might use these at night, but many travelers won’t need either.

Best Shoes for Tulum

🩴 Comfortable Sandals/Flip Flops: Bring sandals that are easy to slip on/off, and that you won’t mind if they get a bit wet. I own and love these Havaianas.

πŸ‘‘ Evening Shoes: For evening time flats, these black strappy sandals make any outfit look dressed up, and these espadrille wedges take it to the next level.

πŸ‘Ÿ Sneakers:Β These Hoka sneakers, known as some of the most comfortable shoes for travel, are ideal for Tulum day trips and off-resort activities like visiting Mayan ruins.

🀿 Water Shoes:Β If you’re planning on hitting the beach a lot (it’s rocky in some areas), going snorkeling, boating, and/or swimming in the cenotes, don’t forget to pack these water shoes for Tulum.

Best Dresses for Tulum

For me, these dresses with pockets are an absolute must when traveling because pockets always come in handy.

A few short sundresses, a few maxi sundresses, and a few rompers should be all you need in Tulum, so choose your most comfortable pieces and only pack those.

Best Sunscreen for Tulum

A best seller on Amazon, we also love this Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen for many reasons β€” especially because it’s cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and eco-friendly.

They also have other great products to consider, like this SPF 30 Lip Balm and this Sun Bum After-Sun Aloe Vera Gel to rehydrate your skin.

One thing to keep in mind when packing for Tulum is that you must comply with FAA regulations for liquids β€” so liquids must be in these 3.4 ounce containers within your carry-on luggage.

Accessories to Pack for Tulum

πŸ‘’ Sun Hat:Β A hat is an absolute must to keep protected from the sun in Tulum, and I love these fun straw hats with cute saying on them like “Resting Beach Face.”

πŸ‘œ Beach Bag: You’ll need something to carry all your essentials for a fun beach day, like this nautical-themed beach bag that just screams vacay.

😎 Sunglasses:Β A must for any beach vacation β€” though I always leave my expensive pairs at home because sunnies are so easy to lose, and instead, I opt for cheap sunglasses from Amazon for all my Tulum trips.

🧴 Sunscreen: Pack your favorite SPF 50 sunscreen because gift shops in Tulum have limited options, and sunscreen there is more expensive than in the U.S.

🦟 Bug Spray: Mosquitos can be an issue in Tulum, especially during the rainy season from about June to October, so I recommend this eco-friendly bug spray that has a nice lemon smell.

What NOT to Pack for Tulum

suitcase exploding with too many things in it
Knowing what not to pack for Mexico is just as important as knowing what to pack.

πŸ€‘ Valuables: While I’ve never had any issues with theft in Mexico, it can absolutely happen, so mitigate this risk by simply leaving your valuables at home.

πŸ’΅ Dollars/Foreign Currency: The cheapest and easiest way to get Mexican pesos is by using the ATMs in Mexico β€” so don’t bring a lot of cash with you because the currency conversion services take a hefty fee to change money.

Instead, just get money from any of the numerous Tulum Airport ATMs. While there will be ATM fees, they’re cheaper than at the currency conversion kiosks.

πŸ’Š Your Whole Medicine Cabinet:Β There are plenty of farmacias (pharmacies) in Tulum, so you don’t need to pack a ton of meds.

If you have prescription meds, of course bring those, but know you can easily get over the counter medicines like Tylenol (it’s called paracetamol in Mexico though).

πŸ“ Foods: It’s actually illegal to bring fresh fruits and veggies across borders, so make sure you don’t have those with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tulum Outfits

What’s the weather like in Tulum Mexico?

tulum mexico weather chart
Tulum is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, and has a tropical climate.

Temperatures average about 80-90Β°F (26-32Β°C) for much of the year, but can feel 5-10Β°F (2-3Β°C) hotter because of the humidity in Tulum.

I get asked A LOT about Tulum travel safety and the weather, so I made detailed guides that tell you what to expect from Tulum weather, month by month:

How should I dress for Tulum Mexico?

As you now know, Tulum is HOT all year-long, so choose clothes made of moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool (ie. cotton, linen, bamboo and spandex).

What kind of clothes should I wear to Tulum?

For the most part, resort casual will work both on-resort and off-resort while you’re traveling to Tulum.

Packing for Mexico resorts is usually easier than many think because swimsuits and cover-ups are what you’ll likely wear the most.

What is the dress code at Tulum resorts?

It depends on the resort’s policy, so call them and double check before making your Tulum packing list, but a safe bet would be to opt for resort casual wear.

Overall, Tulum resort dress codes are lax during the daytime. However, in common areas and restaurants, avoid walking around in just your bathing suit.

At night, some Tulum resorts enforce a stricter code of dress. Men should wear long pants and a collared shirt, while ladies can wear dresses or slacks and a blouse.

Can I wear shorts in Tulum Mexico?

You can get away with shorts at the majority of places in Tulum, but at night, a nice pair of linen pants, jeans or slacks would be better.

What shoes to wear in Tulum Mexico?

For the majority of travelers, a pair of flip flops for the beach, dressy sandals for nighttime, sneakers for sporty activities, and water shoes should do it.

Do you need a sweater at night in Tulum?

It depends β€” For people who always feel a bit cold, or if you’re visiting Tulum in winter, you might want a light sweater or cardigan at night.

Are there mosquitoes in Tulum Mexico?

Yes β€” You’ll likely encounter mosquitoes, particularly during the Tulum rainy season in the summer, so come prepared with this eco-friendly bug spray that has a pleasant smell.

The mosquitoes aren’t known to be too terrible in Tulum, but they can definitely be a nuisance during twilight hours in the wet season.

What to wear to a Tulum destination wedding?

Always defer to the wedding’s dress code, but tropical sundresses, wedges or dressy flats usually work for women, and guayabera shirts and slacks for men.

Need More Tulum Travel Tips?

woman walking into ven a la luz Tulum sculpture of a wooden man

We’ve reached the end of this Ultimate Guide to What to Wear in Tulum Mexico, and I hope it helped you plan all your Tulum outfits.

However, I have plenty more Tulum travel tips for you β€” so check out my other Tulum blogs to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.