10 Incredible Tulum Mezcal Tasting Tours for 2024

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You’re in the right place because the 10 best Tulum mezcal tasting tours are all featured here. As I’ve lived in Mexico since 2018, have imbibed my fair share of mezcal, and spent a lot of time in Tulum, I can assure you, this article only features the best!

I have been on a few different Tulum mezcal tasting tours and vetted the Top 10 mezcal tours in Tulum featured in this article to make sure they’re highly rated and well-reviewed — so all you have to do is book a mezcal tasting tour and enjoy!

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Don’t have time to read the entire article? Book this Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party in the Jungle — a Tulum experience with a near-perfect 5 Star rating.

If this is your first mezcal foray, you might be wondering, What is mezcal? Mezcal is a popular spirit in Mexico that’s derived from the agave plant. Especially popular in Oaxaca Mexico, Tulum locals also take pride in sharing the tastes and smells of this famous drink.

In the Tulum mezcal tastings listed in this article, you’ll get to learn about the processes and regions these mezcals come from and what makes them so unique. A tasting is a perfect way to learn how to properly sip and enjoy mezcal.

Ready to learn about some of the best mezcal tasting tours Tulum has to offer? Below, you’ll find the 10 top-rated Tulum mezcal tasting tours so you know you’re making the right choice when booking your tour. ¡Salud! (which means “cheers”).

Top 3 Picks: Best Tulum Mezcal Tasting Tours


three shots of mezcal

Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party in Private Jungle
✔️ Taste 5 artisanal mezcals
✔️ 4 courses of food


one shot of mezcal with a slice of orange

Artisanal Mezcal & Chocolate Tasting Experience
✔️ Taste 5 artisanal mezcals
✔️ Fruits, chocolates & snacks included


one shot of mezcal, a slice of orange, and salt

Tequila and Mezcal Tasting with Mexican Cheese Pairing
✔️ Taste 6 top-shelf mezcals
✔️ Sample 6 artisanal cheeses

10 Best Tulum Mezcal Tasting Experiences

1. Tulum Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party in Private Jungle

private dinner table setup in a Tulum jungle during Tulum mezcal tasting
Book this Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party in the Tulum Jungle to experience a memorable dinner in Tulum. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 4.97 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

If you’re an adventurous eater ready to give your taste buds a party, this mezcal tasting is perfect. Join hosts Pablo and Courtney for an intimate evening in their private mini jungle when you book this Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party.

The ambiance is incredible, and the food is even more so. Enjoy an amazing three-course meal, and taste five different traditional mezcals.

This was such a wonderful experience!! The food and all the mezcals were incredible. My husband and I were staying at an all-inclusive north of Tulum, and this was the highlight of our trip.

Elise (see more reviews)

As the dinner progresses, you’ll learn about mezcal, how it is produced, and how it differs from tequila. You’ll also get tips on purchasing it yourself. You’ll have fun eating, drinking, and chatting with dinner guests from around the globe throughout this mouth-watering dinner party.

Solo travelers and couples rave about this Tulum food tour. They love the hosts’ warmth, fabulous mezcal-food pairings, and great conversations with other guests.

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

2. Artisanal Mezcal & Chocolate Tasting in Tulum

shots of mezcal with slices of oranges
Chocolates and mezcal? Yes, please! Get the best of both worlds by booking this Tulum Chocolate Tasting & Mezcal Experience. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 4.99 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

Give your senses a workout with five artisanal mezcals plus a free piece of chocolate paired with each one.

You’ll learn about the different mezcal processes and flavors, immersing yourself in the rich culture that makes Mexico special in this Artisanal Mezcal & Chocolate Tasting Experience.

This was the best thing I did in Tulum. Shamira is so knowledgeable about all things drink and culture. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a fun way to learn more about Mexico.

Nathalie (see more reviews)

Your hosts, Shamira and Bernardo, will spark joy in you with their passion for sharing their expertise throughout the tasting.

This Tulum Mezcal Tour & Chocolate Tasting will take place at the Oko Spa Tulum. The beautiful atmosphere, paired with incredible treats, will leave you taken aback during the experience. 

Grab your group or your partner (or just you!), and get ready to taste Mexico like never before. 

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

3. Tulum Tequila & Mezcal Tasting with Mexican Cheese Pairing

people holding shots of mezcal
Book this Tequila Tasting Mexico with Mezcal Tasting & Cheese Pairing to taste the unique combination of mezcal and cheese. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

Looking for the best Tulum tequila tasting? You’ve found it! This Tulum Tequila Tasting and Mezcal with Cheese Experience takes place in one of the best mezcalerias Tulum offers, Mamazul Mezcaleria.

You will taste a mix of six different mezcals and tequilas at Mamazul, each perfectly paired with artisanal cheeses. With each tasting, you’ll learn the differences between mezcal and tequila in Tulum — a popular question that comes up when traveling through Mexico.

This was my first solo activity in Tulum while traveling solo, and it was great! Lalo was very personable and knowledgeable.

Lauren (see more reviews)

The team at Mamazul Mezcaleria Tulum will teach you everything you need to know about tasting mezcal and tequila in Tulum like a local. Their expert advice and knowledge will leave you with a whole new view of the most popular drink in Mexico

Travelers that chose this Tequila and Mezcal Tasting Tulum typically go back to Mamazul Mamazul Tulum for more.

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

4. Tulum Cooking Class with Mezcal Tasting

tulum private chef dinner and mezcal tasting
Book this Mexican Cooking Class with Mezcal Tasting to not only taste mezcal, but also learn cooking techniques from Mexican cooks.

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

You’re in for a real treat, as a local family invites you into their home for a tasting like no other. Join this Mexican Cooking Class with Mezcal Tasting that will provide you with the most authentic cultural experience around. 

Your local guide, Lily, will teach you how to prepare a traditional three-course, authentic Mexican food meal right in her kitchen.

Lily is great at what she does — entertaining, and a great cook and teacher! This was one of my favorite experiences during my time in Tulum! Highly recommend.

Elisha (see more reviews)

She’ll also teach you about the ingredients and recipes that have been passed down through generations. For foodies in Tulum — this is a must!

Along with your cooking class, you’ll also get to taste and learn about some local mezcals. With a delicious meal and high-quality mezcals, you can’t go wrong with this once-in-a-lifetime Tulum tour.

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

5. Tulum Tequila Tasting & Mezcal Tasting Class

bartender entertaining a guest during Tulum mezcal tasting
Book this Tulum Tequila & Mezcal Tasting to enjoy different cocktails and learn about the history of these traditional Mexican drinks. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

Come along for this 5-Star Mezcal and Tequila Tasting Tulum, where you’ll experience a world of traditional Mexican flavors.

Accompanied by a professional, you’ll learn to create authentic cocktails that will transport your taste buds to another world.

This was one of the best Airbnb experiences that I have ever done. Juan is a true expert and will teach you about history, how the agave plant is grown and harvested, and how to properly drink tequila and mezcal.

Leah (see more reviews)

Victoria and Juan will help you perfect your Tulum tequila tasting by teaching you how to taste and sip your creations. Many guests were shocked to learn that they’d been doing it incorrectly all this time!   

Groups, in particular, loved this tour, as it was great to spend quality time and drink with friends. Learn to appreciate the flavors in each sip during one of the most unique tequila and mezcal tasting Tulum options available. 

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

6. Artisanal Mezcal Tasting & Tulum Mixology Class

group of guests listening to the host talking about mezcal
Have a fun night with your friends and taste 4 artisanal mezcals by booking Artisanal Mezcal Tasting and Mixology Class. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 4.96 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

For all the bonafide cocktail enthusiasts (like me!), you’ll want to join this Artisanal Mezcal Tasting & Mixology Class. On it, you’ll learn about the famous Mexican spirit of mezcal, and how to craft delicious mezcal cocktails that will knock your socks off.

Sip on your handcrafted cocktails and savor the flavors elevated by locally sourced fruit, citrus, and salts. 🧂 Fun Fact: The amazing host creates his own salt for this experience. How cool is that!?

Would absolutely recommend doing this experience if you’re interested in learning about Mezcal. It’s very educational, fun and interactive.  

Kaylyn (see more reviews)

This Tulum Mezcal Tasting is a unique way to learn about the different flavors of local mezcal so that you can turn them into delicious creations that your palette will love. Best of all, you’re bringing this knowledge home with you so you impress your friends later.

Prepare to learn hands-on from your host, Ben. As a connoisseur of agave spirits, there’s no one better to learn the ins and outs of these cocktails from.

Best Tulum mezcal tasting

7. Tulum Street Art, Murals & Mezcal

Tulum guests taking shots of mezcal
Check out the beautiful street art murals and taste mezcals after the tour when you book this Tulum Murals & Mezcal Tour. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

Ready to explore Tulum like a pro? Get out and explore Tulum with a local on this Two-Hour Tulum Walking Tour & Mezcal Tasting. A complete journey of the senses, it combines incredible art, culture, cuisine, and of course, mezcal.

You’ll make your way through the hidden alleys of Tulum and learn the stories of famous murals from the artists.

Zach’s a great storyteller and the tour was a wonderful way to get to know Tulum a little better and discover some hidden gems. Highly recommended!

Christine (see more reviews)

During this tour, you will taste and learn about four artisanal mezcals while learning about the unique process that makes a real, traditional mezcal spirit.

Each mezcal will be paired with a delicious hibiscus juice. This is a great way to enjoy a Tulum mezcal tasting and support local artists at the same time. 

Tulum mezcal tasting

8. Cultural Tulum Mezcal Tasting (with Optional Japanese Tapas)

tulum mezcal tasting
Book this Tulum Cultural Mezcal Tasting, a VIP Tulum private tour, and get to taste 5 different types of mezcals.

⭐️ RATING: 4.96 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1 hour | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

You’ll feel like you’re in a cultural explosion on this Mezcal Tasting with a Japanese-Mexican Fusion Food Menu

This private-group-only tour takes you on a journey through different types of mezcals, all while you learn about and the agaves they’re made from.

A really fun, informative mezcal tasting with an emphasis on female maestras — What else could you want? We had a great time, highly recommend!

molly (see more reviews)

You’ll learn about the history and region of each mezcal Tulum has to offer, along with understanding the process that goes into creating this unique spirit. Also, the optional Japanese-Mexican fusion food menu is excellent, so don’t pass it up.

Couples loved this Tulum tour for a private night out, and groups loved having the experience all to themselves. People also loved that the mezcals on this tasting are all from woman-owned mezcal companies in Mexico.

Tulum mezcal tasting

9. Tulum Gourmet Experience: 5 Course Dinner & Cocktail Class

group of guests having dinner during Tulum mezcal tasting
Book this Tulum Private Chef Experience and enjoy a 5-course dinner and cocktail class you’ll never forget.

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, luxurious night out with your friends, this Tulum Gourmet Experience is perfect for you. 

You’ll get to enjoy a five-course dinner inspired by Mayan and Spanish flavors. The five courses are paired with Mexican wines and Oaxaca mezcals.

I recommend it with two hands. One of the best experiences. The food was delicious, our host was very entertaining

dayana (see more reviews)

The chefs and the company allows you to make friends, try new foods, and make memories. 

Couples said this was the perfect option for a date night date. The covered dining room right on the beach makes it perfect for enjoying this unique meal while listening to the waves crash nearby.

🚗 Note: This tour takes place in Riviera Maya Mexico (specifically Punta Venado), but round-trip transportation is included from Tulum.

Tulum mezcal tasting

10. Intro to Artisanal Mezcal Tasting in the Mayan Jungle

group of guests in a dinner table raising their mezcal shots for a toast
By booking this Intro to Artisanal Mezcal Tasting, you get to experience a unique tasting in a private jungle garden. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours | 🥃 Check Rates and Availability

Ready to go Tulum travel and experience mezcal tastings like never before?! Then you’ve found your perfect tour right here.

Enter a private garden oasis for a tasting of the most exclusive Tulum mezcal around. You won’t miss the feeling of being in a mezcal distillery because the garden is so beautiful.

As you enter the tasting, you’ll be in awe of the beautiful Tulum jungle garden the host, Pablo, has created for this unforgettable mezcal experience.

This was such a great experience! The location was so beautiful, and we met new friends from [different] places. Courtney is so knowledgeable about the different mezcals.

leah (see more reviews)

Pablo will introduce you to four artisanal mezcals, each paired with a light snack. He teaches you about the history of each batch, and also shows you how to properly taste and enjoy this agave spirit (🥃 Hint: You don’t take it as a shot.)

This is a great night out for solo travelers in Tulum looking to learn more about the food and drink culture around Tulum while meeting new people with similar interests.

Tulum Mezcal Tasting: FAQs

What is mezcal?

Mezcal is a type of spirit distilled from the heart of an agave plant (known as the mezcal piña). There are also other spirits distilled from the agave plant, such as tequila (which is a type of mezcal), raicilla, bacanora and sotol.

tulum mezcal bar
Mezcal has been produced using traditional methods passed down through generations, and Mezcalería Amores Tulum is one of the best places where you can taste mezcal in Tulum.

Unlike tequila, mezcal is made with 100% agave — whereas tequila can be made with only 51% agave. Mezcal can be made with many different varieties of the agave plants, but tequila only comes from one type, the Blue Agave plant (Weber Azul).

Mezcal typically has a smokey flavor, and is popular in trendy cocktails around the world. Mezcal is made in nine different states in Mexico, the most famous being Oaxaca, where most of the popular spirit is made.

Tulum mezcal tasting

Where does mezcal come from?

Most of the mezcal in the world is made in Oaxaca, Mexico. However, mezcal can legally come from nine Mexico states: Oaxaca, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Zacatecas, San Luís Potosí, Tamaulipas, Durango and Puebla.

Wondering if there are any mezcal distillery Tulum facilities, or tequila distillery Tulum production plants?

While there are some places that make these spirits in Tulum, the agave needed for mezcal and tequila does not grow in Tulum or Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This desert plant that comes from the cactus family needs a dry, arid climate — and the Yucatan is tropical.

Tulum mezcal tasting

Why is mezcal so popular?

Mezcal has become increasingly popular due to its appearance in classic cocktails around the world — like the Paloma, Smoke Show, Mezcal Margarita, Mezcal Mule, Tia Maria, and the Naked & Famous.

agave plants at mezcal distillery
Mezcal is known for its diverse range of flavors, which can vary depending on the species of agave used and its production techniques.

Mezcal must be made from 100% agave to be considered “real mezcal.” Tasters prefer this to tequila, which only has to be 51% Blue Weber agave. The remaining 49% usually comes from neutral spirits, like an agave sugar or sugarcane spirit.

🥃 Mezcal Fun Fact: This is considered a medicinal drink in many parts of Mexico, and used a part of a good wellness and health routine.

Tulum mezcal tasting

What is the difference between mezcal and tequila?

The difference between mezcal and tequila is that mezcal must be made with 100% agave, whereas tequila is often just 51% agave.

mezcal distillery
What gives mezcal its distinct smoky flavor is how it’s roasted in underground pits lined with volcanic rocks, and covered with earth.

Mezcal can be made with any type of agave plant, though often comes from tobala agave and/or espadin agave (sometimes a mix of the two). There are nine regions in Mexico famous for distilling mezcal, namely Oaxaca Mexico.

Tequila is a type of mezcal. Much like how champagne is essentially just a sparkling wine that’s made in Champagne, France — tequila is a type of mezcal that’s made in Tequila, Mexico (and a few nearby places, mostly in Jalisco State).

While tequila is made in a select few certain regions of Mexico, the most famous place is the Tequila pueblo magico (magic town). It can only be made with Blue Weber agave (AKA Weber Azul), and it must contain at least 51% of this specific agave.

🥃 Note: Mezcal usually has a slightly stronger alcohol content than tequila — though some varieties can be much stronger, so double check before drinking.

Tulum mezcal tasting

How do Mexicans drink mezcal?

First and foremost, mezcal is a sipping drink, and not meant to be taken as a shot!

bottle of mezcal and two jicara cups with salted orange slices
Some people drink mezcal with slices of orange and a side of sal de gusano (worm salt), a seasoning made from ground chili peppers, salt, and roasted agave worms.

When consumed the traditional way, Mexicans drink mezcal straight up, usually out of a mezcal jicara or copita (little cup).

It is best to enjoy mezcal in small sips, with a splash of water to cleanse the palate, or by eating a bit of the orange slice that comes on the side.

Mexicans also pride themselves in enjoying small-batch mezcals locally made, not mezcals made in large batches for distribution.

The best place to drink mezcal is a mezcaleria (meaning “mezcal bar”), as they will have the best selection.

Tulum mezcal tasting

What is the drinking etiquette for mezcal?

Drinking etiquette for mezcal is to drink it neat out of a jicara (which is a small clay cup or cup made from natural materials).

mezcal cup and bottle
To fully enjoy mezcal, it is recommended to drink it neat or sipped slowly to savor its complex flavors.

Tiny sips paired with a snack, like chapulines or peanuts, is the most popular to enjoy mezcal. Sometimes, it’s paired with lemon slices or orange slices, or artisanal chocolate and cheese.

A complex drink, there are many foods that pair well with mezcal, especially rich Oaxaca foods like tlayudas (tuh-lie-you-dahs) and mole (moe-lay).

You will likely be served a bit of Mexican worm salt (sal de gusano) with your cup of mezcal, similar to how you would get salt with tequila.

🥃 Mezcal Pro Tip: Keep a little bit of water nearby to cleanse your palate after each tasting.

Final Thoughts: Best Tulum Mezcal Tasting Tours

Ready to experience the fresh and traditionally made mezcal in Tulum!?

The 10 Tulum mezcal tours featured in this article are perfect for everyone from solo travelers looking to immerse themselves in local culture, to couples and groups of friends ready to learn about this spirit while having a great time.

woman and man drinking at Tulum Mezcal Tasting

Still unsure which Tulum mezcal tasting to pick? I recommend this Mezcal Tasting Dinner Party in the Jungle — a 5-Star experience with 4 food courses and a tasting of 5 artisanal mezcals.

If that one’s not for you, I still recommend booking one of the other best Tulum mezcal tastings on this list — for the best experience, do a private mezcal tour for an afternoon or evening of fun.

No matter the tour you choose, you’ll learn the local ways to taste, sip, and pair mezcal like never before. Explore the famous spirit of Tulum, and have a great time along the way with these Tulum mezcal tasting tours.

Want to book even more Tulum tours?

woman on one of the best Tours to Chichen Itza from Tulum
Me visiting the Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins on a private tour from Tulum.

Looking to take more tours in Tulum during your visit? Tours are so convenient because you don’t have to worry about planning anything — you just show up and enjoy!

Here are all of my recommendations for the top-rated Tulum tours:

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2. Can you drink the water in Tulum?

No — You’ll want to buy this Water-To-Go Bottle, which filters your drinking water so you don’t get sick from drinking water in Mexico, and helps keep you hydrated while traveling Mexico. (Read more)

3. Is it safe to rent a car in Tulum?

Yes — Renting a car in Mexico is one of the best ways to see the country! I always rent with Discover Cars, which checks both international companies and local Mexican companies, so you get the best rates. (Read more)

4. Will my phone work in Tulum?

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5. What’s the best way to book my Tulum accommodations?

For Tulum hotels, Booking.com is the best site, but for hostels, use Hostel World. If you’re considering a Mexico Airbnb, don’t forget to also check VRBO, which is often cheaper than Airbnb.

6. What do I pack for Tulum?

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7. What’s the best site to buy Mexico flights?

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8. Do I need a visa for Mexico?

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